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Dave Guardala Handmade FatBoy MB Tenorsax vergoldet

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D.Guardala Handmade FatBoy MB Mundstück für Tenorsax

Handmade by Nadir Ibrahimoglu
Messing vergoldet (3,5µ)
Bahn 116''
Für Jazz und Fusion
Guardala Mundstück mit Blattschraube, Kappe und Elch-Ledertasche

FATBOY mouthpieces are fatter than the original Guardala’s. The elliptical shape allows the mouthpieceto have a larger size, with a lesser increase of weight. The resulting size/weight ratio is the only way of producing a “BALANCED SOUND” with a mouthpiece larger than the original Dave Guardala Mouthpiece.

This model is the exact replica of the mouthpiece that Michael Brecker used. This model incorporates a moderately high baffle with a large bore. It is less bright than the Studio Model but brighter than the Traditional Model. It should be used for the Mainstream Jazz. Tip opening 115” (8*).

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