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Ted Klum VersiTone Tonamax Alto 6

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529,00 EUR
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Ted Klum Mouthpieces is pleased to announce the release of the new Tonamax HR for alto!!!

You have asked for it and we are delivering! Because many of our customers have wanted to play the original VersiTone design made out of a quality ebonite, Ted Klum Mouthpieces is proud to announce that we now have a product that lives up to Ted's own exacting standards. Born out of a love affair for the true masters of the alto, the original VersiTone alto design represents the evolution of the classic medium chamber designs of the past. With an eye on the past, Ted has embraced what modern design technology allows us today, creating a mouthpiece that is so flexible that you won’t feel locked into any one sound. Based on Ted's particular improvements to the best of the classic vintage mouthpieces, the VersiTone design was created from countless prototypes all extensively evaluated by Ted and his diverse network of professional saxophonists. Significant attention at the bench ensures that every Tonamax HR alto will satisfy the world’s most discriminating players.

Limited quantities of the Tonamax HR alto are available in two types of premium quality German ebonite. You can choose either a specially formulated black ebonite or a very sophisticated black and cream marbled ebonite. As each mouthpiece is handmade, all size requests as well as any other attributes can all be accommodated upon request.
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