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ARB Metall Custom Altosaxophone 6

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ARB Metal Custom Altosaxophone

The ARB series of mouthpieces was developed by Elmer Beechler and Arnold Ross Brilhart. 
They are machine faced and hand finished.  The tip openings and facings numbering are those developed by Arnold Brilhart.
All ARB facings are a combination of geometric curves and parabolas which provide the ultimate in playing response throughout the entire range of the instrument.

Beechler Custom Mouthpieces

The musicians and artisans at Remlé Musical Products have worked with many outstanding professional musicians over the years. We have created mouthpieces for these gifted and supremely talented individuals and have learned from them in the process. This experience has helped create a customized series of mouthpieces for the Beechler, ARB, and ELAN lines.

The Custom mouthpieces offer a specialized contour applied to the baffles and tips of small, medium bore and Metal mouthpieces. This alternate approach to creating a mouthpiece provides specialized acoustic and dynamic features desired by some professionals. It allows for the subtleties and nuances that can enhance musicianship and give the individual player the confidence to experiment, to experience, and to explore.
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