Peter Ponzol

Peter Ponzol ProReed Alto
“I have been playing synthetic tenor reeds since 1969. Out of all of the time I have been playing synthetic reeds on my tenor, I find Peter Ponzol’s new synthetic tenor reed to be far and away the best one I have ever played. The sound is even and consistent in all registers, including the altissimo. The pitch is great throughout the instrument, and the durability is quite amazing; it shows no stress lines. The first thing that struck me was I could play the reed immediately, without any break-in time, which is unique in my experience. I would recommend Peter’s synthetic reed to anyone seeking a superior, low-maintenance, high-performing choice in tenor reeds. His great design has made me a true believer, and this reed is now the only one I use on my tenor.” ~ Ernie Watts

The Ponzol ProReed is available for Alto and Tenor in strengths: 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5.
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