Beechler & ARB Saxophone Mouthpieces

Founded by Elmer Beechler in 1942, we design, manufacture, and distribute outstanding saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces and woodwind accessories. Remlé Musical Products, Inc. has been under the direction of Elmer Beechler’s daughter, Judy Beechler Roan, for the past sixteen years. We believe we make the best mouthpieces in the world for the professional musician and players who want to play well for the simple pleasure and joy of it.
Our mouthpieces provide the variations needed to produce an individual richness and quality of voice. All of our mouthpieces are made according to precise design specifications. All surfaces are hand finished by skilled artisans and play tested by professional musicians. Because of our years of experience, excellent craftsmanship, and extraordinary attention to detail, we can offer musicians an almost infinite choice of fine mouthpieces to suit varying embouchures, reed preferences, choice of materials, playing styles, and situations. We can also make custom mouthpieces to suit individual preferences.
Beechler Black Diamond Altosax S6S

Kombination von traditionellen Hartgummi und New-Age-Kunststoffen.
Bohrung S: Small; Bahnlänge S:Short
Ohne Blattschraube und Kappe

145,00 EUR
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