Rigotti Jazz Tenor  Einzelblatt
Rigotti Jazz Tenor Einzelblatt

Rigotti Jazz Tenor Einzelblatt

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Rigotti Jazz Alto Einzelblatt
Seit 1966 produiziert Rigotti Blätter auf eigenen Plantagen in der Nähe von Saint Tropez.
Die Blätter sind unfiled und haben einen warmen, kernigen Ton.
2,80 EUR
Rigotti Gold Classic Alto Einzelblatt
Reeds Rigotti owes part of their reputation to their materials. The canes of the Var and Cogolin regions of France are among the best in the world. They are grown alongside rivers and streams in an large area that is maintained all year round.
2,80 EUR
Rigotti WILD JAZZ Tenor 1 Blatt

Wild reeds are cut from tubes of wild cane.

Therefore, they have a slightly different color from traditionnal reeds.  

A thicker tip gives them greater longevity.

Thanks to a thinner bevel, the reed is characterized by a brighter and more punchy sound, particularly suited to contemporary music styles.

Rich in harmonics, it can also be used in a orchestra, big band section or in Jazz.

The strenght are the same like the Rigotti Gold.

3,80 EUR
Selmer Blattschraube modifiziert für Otto Link Tenor Metall
Selmer Tenorsax Metall versilberte Blattschraube ohne Kappe
modifiziert für Otto Link Tenor Metall Mundstück.
35,00 EUR