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Vandoren V16 Tenor Metal T7L used commission

scratches from ligature (Body)
very good condition (Tip&Rails)

picture similar
190,00 EUR
Jody Jazz Alto HR Custom Dark 6
Offers a warm, dark, vintage sound
Metal shank ring helps boost body and harmonics
Made from Jody Jazz's proprietary 'CHR' Chedeville Hard Rubber
Various tip opening options available
319,00 EUR
Charles Bay "Gerry Mulligan" Baritonesax Ebonite 7M
Jazz Mouthpiece with round Chamber
With Ligature and Cap
499,00 EUR
Yardbird Model HR Alto 6
Hand finished in polished German ebonite (hard rubber), this is the same core design as our acclaimed brass Yardbird model, but with that extra warmth and reed flexibility that hard rubber is known for.  It has that same power and “pop” as the brass but a bit more “reed friendly” and accommodates a normal HR alto ligature (included).
319,00 EUR
Yanagisawa A-WO1 Alto Saxophone

Key: Eb 
High-F# key 
Body tubing: Brass
Case included
Ebonite mouthpiece (standard equipment)
2.699,00 EUR