Rico Graftonite Sopran B5
no ligature no cap
10,00 EUR
Wolfe Tayne Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Metal 6 used
60,00 EUR
Selmer SA80 Ebo.Tenor H gebr.ohne
70,00 EUR
Vandoren Java Tenor Ebonite T95 used
No Ligature no cap
70,00 EUR
Meyer Tenor Ebonit M8M used
without ligature and cap
80,00 EUR
Selmer SA80 Ebonite Tenor B (used)
90,00 EUR
Selmer Soloist Ebo.Tenor C* gebr.ohne
99,00 EUR
Berg Larsen Ebonite 105 SMS Tenor used

good condition

incl. ligature and cap

99,00 EUR
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